Why You Should Be Playing Mobile Bingo

OK so first of all this may upset some of the purists out there… the people who can only imagine playing in a bingo hall and wouldn’t dream of using any of this new fancy technology that all the kids are on these days. But please just try to hear me out anyway, and maybe I can give you a new perspective on it.

One of the first reasons in favour of playing bingo on your mobile phone or tablet that comes to mind is the time factor; time is money, and both are a very limited commodity. When you play at a local club or hall, it becomes a whole event… and usually takes up your whole evening. You have to get there for a start, and depending on how far away it is that can just eat up a whole lot more of your time. Then you have to wait around for things to get started, and wait for the announcer who usually thinks they need to call out the numbers in a “cute” way, and then wait for a new game to start.

Do you really have time for all of that? I know, some people really enjoy that whole thing, and they like the atmosphere, but to be honest I never enjoyed that and it was just something I had to deal with. Now that you can play bingo on your mobile phone or other device you finally have a choice to make.

Another reason to play on mobile is the comfort factor. You can do it wherever you and whenever you want. Maybe you feel like sitting on the couch with a cocktail or a glass of wine, or maybe you just want to pass the time while you’re on the train or waiting for a bus. It’s definitely more fun than scrolling through Facebook or Twitter and hoping one of your friends says something interesting for once.

Finally, and perhaps the best reason of all, you should play mobile bingo because of all the great deals and bonus money you can get from the various online gaming sites. There is a lot of competition between the different companies, and they are more than willing to bribe you with real money to get you on their side! Just take a look at all of the bonuses on offer and I’m sure you will agree that this is a great reason to go mobile.